Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kellogg's "Urban Jungle"

And the last commercial that I worked on. Video by Platige Image.

And few my designs.

 Matte paintings painted over simple 3D geometry:

Kellogg's "Dog Fight"

Next TV commercial by Platige Image:

And few my designs.

Triplane is painted over 3D model received from PI 3D team:

Kellogg's "Choc'n'rolls"

The second commercial for Kellogg's campaign by Platige Image.
Some designs.

Kellogg's "Moon and Stars"

First of the TV commercials for new Kellogg's campaign that I worked on with Platige Image.

 And here you have some designs I've made during the production.


Quick landscapes

Monday, 6 August 2012



This image has been created in collaboration with my daughter Zuzanna (4 years old).
Layout: me
colours, art direction: Zuzanna
hardware: pastel crayons