Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cassandra's Head - update

As you can see Jacek Spychalski puts a lot of work into this model. The amount of the details is overwhelming, but he never loses the overall vision.
You may have seen some of his work in "Peter and the Wolf" short animation that won an Oscar award in 2008 for best animated short film.

Next update soon.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cassandra's Head - overview

Cassandra's Head is a SF short story written by Marek Baraniecki in early '80s. It's a story about a man (Teodor Hornic) who survived a nuclear war and desperately tries to locate and disable armed warheads that are still a threat. But his mind is obsessed by the mystic Cassandra that is believed to have a power to destroy the whole life on the planet. Is the Cassandra the thing that it is supposed to be or maybe something totally different?
The story was very well received and got many literature awards back in the day. It's fantastic material for a SF film that we hope to make some day, but in the meanwhile we decided to make a short animated film based on a single motive from the story. We want to make a stop-motion animated film with puppet, real sets and props. We are going to combine it with CG effects, matte painting and all the technology that allows to make good film with lower costs.
I'm the production designer, Paweł Czarzasty is directing and Rafał Buks (BuksFilm) is producing the short.

So please take a look on the first materials we want to share.
At the beginning Hornic's transporter sketches.

And here are photos from beginning of the modelling process. Jacek Spychalski is doing a great job interpreting my sketches.

More updates will come shortly.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SF concepts

Here are concepts created for some SF project developed by Platige Image

and few shot designs.

Friday, 14 September 2012


I love designing and painting steam robots, Here are some doodles in cartoon steampunk style

And a sketch of a robot that I developed few years ago

Here are the color concepts

And this robot was created for Titanomachy image.
You may remember him from this scene: