Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dream 2030

On December 18th Qatar celebrates National Day. On this occasion Platige Image was asked to create a 20 minutes long animated film. It looks very good and it's going to be published in few days. I had an opportunity to draw few things for that film.
But in the meanwhile I'm showing some material that we did a year ago. It was a music video called Dream 2030.

At the beginning few matte paintings:

And some character sketches:


  1. Beautiful work and those matte painting are fantastic.

  2. Hey Marcin,

    I'd like to contact you privately about a card game I'm developing. I was describing the card game to a friend, and he mentioned another game called Purge: Sins of Science, that sounded similar to mine. The concepts share some ideas but our game has some significant differences. I love your artwork though and I notice that you did quite a lot of the art for Purge. Do you have an email address so I can contact you and discuss getting you involved?


    Damien Lavizzo
    Otherworld Entertainment